Moscow’s multidisciplinary palliative care centres

All hospices in the capital will unite under the city health department’s Centre for Palliative Medicine.
The new structure will enable standardisation of patient management and evaluation of quality of care and staff training, believes the centre’s director Nyuta Federmesser. According to Federmesser, it will also permit a common approach to pain relief- on the hour, not on request. The reorganisation began on 1 March 2017.
The new structure includes visiting teams which will work seven days a week, and in some cases round the clock. They will be able to respond to emergency calls instead of paramedics. The next step is palliative care for outpatients and referrals from GPs.
Previously, all hospices in Moscow became one legal entity as branches of the Vera Millionshchikova First Moscow Hospice.
Also this spring, the first stage of a nationwide education project will begin, under the auspices of the Association of Hospice Care and the Institute of Innovative Development and Advanced Health Training with the support of the company Takeda. Doctors throughout Russia will be taught pain therapy.

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