National centre for blind schoolchildren opens in Moscow

National centre for blind schoolchildren opens in Moscow

Gifted students who have passed competitive exams will study at the centre. The first students are to start there in Autumn 2022.


The national centre for blind schoolchildren is to open on the site of boarding school No. 1 near the Alekseevskaya metro station. Children will go to school there from the age of 12 from various regions across Russia. During their studies, they will live at the boarding school, except during the summer and winter school holidays.

Students will be selected on the basis of their academic prowess and their performance in subject-specific Olympiads and competitions.

Admissions will be competitive, based on students’ test marks in Russian, maths and English, as well as an interview.

Students will be admitted to the centre if they have completed adjusted syllabuses for foundation education designed for the basic general education of blind school children no younger than 11 years old.

In 2022, about 22 million roubles from the city budget and another 5 million roubles from the federal coffers will be allocated to the national centre for blind schoolchildren. About 50 children are set to have passed through the centre by the academic year 2027-2028.


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