Nearly half of Russians approve of their employers’ charitable work

Survey reveals that nearly half of Russians approve of their employers’ charitable work




Article published on the ASI website


Older employees speak about the importance of social and charity projects at work most often, according to the results of an Avito Rabota survey.


Avito Rabota conducted a survey on how Russians feel about their employers’ charity work. Rossiskaya Gazeta has seen the results.


The research showed that participation of an employer’s company in charitable work is important for 42% of Russians. Most would like their employer to take part in raising money to help the elderly, children and animals. Slightly less favoured were activities that involve the distribution of food, clothing and other essentials to people in difficult life situations and environmental work such as organising clean-up days.


The study also found that most working Russians who participated in the survey take an active part in charity work themselves. 19% help stray animals, 17% are involved in environmental projects, 14% support orphans and children with serious illnesses, 12% help large and poor families, while another 12% provide support to pensioners and people with disabilities.


Among those who took part in the survey, women spoke more often than men about the value of employer participation in charity work – 45% and 39% respectively. Employees over 65 years of age (61%) also approved of their company’s involvement in social initiatives.


More than half of those who spoke about the value of taking part in charity work were specialists in marketing, advertising and PR (59%). Specialists in banking, investment management, online commerce, education, science, the arts and medicine spoke about this rather less frequently.




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