New Guardianship Council for Social Issues

The first meeting of the new council took place at the House
of Government under the chairmanship of the deputy prime minister Olga
Golodets.  The council will be a
consultative body coordinating the work of the federal authorities in the
social sphere.


According to Golodets, guardianship councils are present in
virtually all social institutions in Russia (more than 660,000 in total). The
council would bring work to tackle problems in social policy to a new level and
guardians from different social institutions would join. They would mainly
include representatives from business, investing resources in the social

At the meeting representatives from voluntary organisations
discussed the most urgent social problems that need to be addressed. These
included the improvement of the state system of aid to the sick, improvement of
state policy towards children without parental care, and support for the
disabled and elderly people in need.


Elena Topoleva, chair of the social policy committee of the
Public Chamber supported the creation of the council. She proposed that the
ideas put forward by the council should be discussed at the regional branches
of the Public Chamber. In her opinion the government could not solve all social
problems on its own.




Guardianship Council – an organisation attached to social
institutions that is created on a voluntary basis to help to organise the
prescribed activity of an institution, its functioning and development.

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