New model for children with disabilities in Russia’s care homes

Introduction of a model that supports children with disabilities in residential care facilities




Introduction of a model that explains the necessary skills required of those who look after children with severe and multiple developmental disabilities.


The Russian Federation’s model on “Services for the provision of developmental care for children with disabilities” came into effect in December, involving contributions from specialists working at the Centre of Curative Pedagogy (CCP).


CCP specialists stressed that “its importance cannot be overestimated as the principles of care outlined in the model will be mandatory in all children’s residential facilities and other State organisations”.


One of those involved in the process, a psychologist Anna Paikova, said “It is important that a child is actively involved in his or her development as much as possible and that they understand what is happening to them: that they are familiar with those who are helping them and are able to participate directly in activities and events. For example, in terms of self-help, if a child can stretch his or her arm into their sleeve or pull on part of a sock, it is important that they be given the opportunity to do so”.



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