New Russian organisation for parents of children with mental disabilities

New Russian organisation formed to support the parents of children with mental disabilities


The founding congress of the All-Russian Organisation for Parents of Children with Physical or Mental Disabilities was held on 7 April in Moscow.  The aim of the organisation (VORDI) is to represent the interests of these children.

The organisation has set to work, establishing a presence in 61 regions of Russia and working closely with local government institutions.  Further details are available on the website of the Coordinating Council for Children with Disabilities and Life-limiting Conditions of the Russian Public Chamber.

VORDI is compiling a list of all the Russian disability organisations (VOG, VOS, VOI) who have never previously had the support of an organisation dedicated to protecting the interests of children with disabilities and people over 18 with mental or psychophysical impairment needing life-long care, as well as their families.

Russian television has reported on the importance of assisting the parents of mentally disabled children.  They hope that VORDI will help them deal with practical problems on a regional and national level and strengthen cooperation between parents and their regional authorities and welfare organisations.  VORDI may also promote new ideas and technologies and facilitate the sharing of best practice by the more experienced organisations in Russia.


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