New website on symptoms of childhood lukaemia

New online platform dedicated to the symptoms of childhood leukaemia





The project Stop Leukaemia is targeted at raising the awareness of parents about the first signs of malignant blood diseases.


The Stop Leukaemia project site, run by the charity Zhivi, shows the key indicators of childhood leukaemia, as well as a questionnaire, which will help parents identify the symptoms of the illness in preparation for a consultation with a paediatrician. According to statistics from the charity, leukaemia makes up 40% of cancers amongst children globally, and in Russia, every year 1.5 thousand patients are diagnosed. An early diagnosis of leukaemia increases the chance of a positive outcome by 80%.


“An early diagnosis of the disease and prompt treatment significantly increases the chances of a child returning to a healthy life. However, identifying leukaemia at an early stage is difficult, given the general nature of the first symptoms, which are often taken for other diseases. Developing an awareness of cancer in everyday life helps to recognise the threat to a child’s health. We offer you the best strategy for an early diagnosis of leukaemia. “ find out and remember the first signs of this illness, in order to promptly turn to a doctor for a proper diagnosis in case of their appearance”, the project site says.


The online platform was presented on the Global Day of the Fight against Leukaemia, which is marked every year on 24 September. In 2017, the charity Fight against Leukaemia Foundation is carrying out the event Red September, targeted at increasing awareness of blood cancers.




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