NGO grants for employment for disabled

Eight NGOs receive grants to organise employment programmes for the disabled




Following a competitive tender programme involving public organisations, eight disability NGOs have received State grants totalling more than 167,000,000 roubles to improve employment prospects for disabled people on the labour market. The money will be used to create jobs, as well as providing access to work. In all, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection received 15 programmes from various NGOs, eight of which were successful.


The All-Russian Society for the Disabled, the All-Russian Association for the Blind, the All-Russian Society for the Deaf, the Regional Society of Disabled People’s (RSDP) organisation, “Perspektiva”, and the Moscow area RSDP body “Stimulus”, the international disability NGO, “Access”, the Orlov youth organisation for the disabled, “Orlov springs”, and a Tyumen regional body of the “All-Russian Society for the Disabled” all received grants to implement the job scheme.


The successful projects are aimed at promoting employment opportunities for disabled people in All-Russian public bodies, and involving them in the implementation of socially important projects. To this end, “Access”, is organising employment opportunities with the online platform “Jobs for Disabled People” to promote the programme’s aims. A Tyumen regional public body of the “All-Russian Society for the Blind” is planning to take on disabled people in an online shop selling rehabilitation aids with the help of the “Online shop manager” project.


The fostering organisations “Orlov springs” will create jobs in the “Contact plus” centre, while “Stimulus” will do the same, based on public catering cluster points – in “Auto-Café mobile outlets. According to the Ministry, there are plans to employ 715 disabled people through these NGO schemes during 2016, which is more than the planned State target of 604.


Author: Irina Laktyushina

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