NGO invited to help MOH with seriously ill

Russian Federation’s Health Ministry is inviting a charitable organisation
which helps sick people to provide them with evidence of those under their care
before they start to find funds for treatment. In the majority of cases,
medical assistance is available free of charge and funded from budgetary
resources set aside by the department.



the Russian Federation’s Health Ministry, at the behest of Vice-President Olga
Golodetz , confirmed the provision of resources for the treatment of the
seriously ill through charitable funds and the media. According to Olga
Golodetz, a large part of such treatment is linked to poor implementation of a
state-guaranteed programme for providing free medical help. The Vice-Premier is
convinced that people should not be put in a position where money for treatment
is coming from the whole world. The Russian Federation’s Health Ministry is now
prepared to examine every specific case reported by the NGO. If medical
assistance cannot be provided in Russia, then the citizen may have to go abroad
for treatment as a result of budgetary constraints.



can send details of patients requiring funds for treatment by e-mail to the
Health Ministry:
or on Facebook:



Director of the charitable fund “Children’s Hearts”, Ekaterina Bermant, doubts
whether such an idea will be effective. “If the Russian Health Ministry has the
ability to help all seriously ill people, then why hasn’t such a system been
put in place that people can use without going on a waiting list” she stated in
an interview with ASI. Consequently, the majority of children in “Children’s
Hearts”  are sent to cardiologists as
there are no set quotas for operations. Although the expert has not ruled it
out, should a guaranteed law for medical aid be put to the Health Ministry, it
could well be defeated. However, the department, like any other state organ,
operates inefficiently. As an experiment, Bermant is prepared to send
information from their own charity. “We’ll take our time and wait for their
response. Even if they don’t reply, our donors will still help the child” the
expert said. Most likely, the Health Ministry has decided to “cosy up” with the
NGO in order to show that we’re in competition with them and that we take part
in senseless activity” Bermant believes. In her own words, charitable funding works
more effectively than the Health Ministry.



“Children’s Hearts” charitable fund, with a staff of 3 people, raises a million
dollars for the treatment of sick children each year. Here, children are
provided help with treatment which is not Government-funded, children who would
otherwise have been placed on a waiting list for several years. For example,
the fund paid for several operations for Natalia Davidova, who had been on a quota
waiting list for 5 years, and who’s alive now as a result.

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