NGOs again submit most bids for Presidential Grants

NGOs again submitted the biggest number of applications for presidential grants


The Presidential Grants for Civil Society Development Foundation has now closed applications for its second grants contest in 2017, which will distribute funding to NGOs.

According to the Foundation, the second contest received 9543 applications from 8010 non-commercial organisations based throughout the Russian Federation. Over 4.5 billion roubles will be allocated when results are announced.

In 2017, the number of projects and participants in the contest reached an unprecedented level.  The second contest received 2920 more applications than the first, which also showed record figures. The first contest took 6581 applications – almost twice the number of any average contest in 2015-16. In the second contest, NGOs sent in twice as many project applications as all funding bodies had received in any single contest in previous years.

The number of submissions grew in most areas. The biggest increase was in projects linked to art and culture (with 329 more applications), or to families (which rose by 27). There were also over 508 applications for health-protection ventures or projects publicising a healthy lifestyle.

Out of the organisations which applied in 2017, 4775 had not participated in the first contest. In all, 10,407 NGOs applied this year, 38% of which had not taken part in any presidential grants contest in 2014-16. Just 1813 applications came from Moscow (this includes projects planned at a federal or international level), and 7730 were from the regions.

The Presidential Grants Foundation says that the rise in submissions may be put down to work done in the field and help given in the preparation of applications. The Foundation held seminars in 40 regions and over 5000 people took part.  In addition the Foundation responded to over 700 letters from applicants who had been unsuccessful in the first contest.  Most participants in the first contest subsequently took part in an analysis of why their point scores had been low. As a result, over 2100 applications rejected in the first contest were modified and presented in the second contest. The results will be announced on 24 November.

According to the results of the first contest, 970 projects initiated in 79 regions received grants. An estimated 2.25 billion roubles was distributed to non-commercial organisations.



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