NGOs’ annual reports to Civil Chamber

NGOs to provide annual reports on their activities to the Civic Chamber

21.04.2014, Moscow

The first public submissions of annual reports will begin prior to the start of the May holidays. It’s intended that these reports will be presented to the Civic Chamber on a regular basis. The idea of requiring NGOs to submit this information came from Olga Golodets, Russian Deputy Prime Minister, at a meeting to discuss cooperation between ministries and NGOs at the beginning of March this year.

“I believe this an important step forward in creating greater transparency and accountability” said Elena Topoleva-Soldunova, Chairwoman of the Civic Chamber’s Commission on Social Policy, Labour Relations and Living Standards. “We will help organisations to invite all interested parties and official representatives to the Chamber. It’s essential that as many people as possible are aware of NGO activities and understand that they can ask and seek clarification to any questions as necessary.”

The first annual report to the Chamber will be from the Fund for Social Development and Public Health “Focus-Media”, a body that regularly publishes information about its work. They will be followed, by invitation of members of the Chamber, by the All-Russian Society for the Deaf. This is one of the largest disabilities organisations that receive ring-fenced budget financing.

“I’d like to have seen others follow the All-Russian Society for the Deaf’s example” says Topoleva-Soldunova. “We realise that all major disabilities organisations receive considerable annual ring-fenced funding from the Ministry of Labour, so it’s necessary for the public to know just how these budgets are being spent”.

Author: Daria Shapovalova

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