NGOs dissatisfied with terms of competition

NGOs dissatisfied with the unduly strict time limits imposed for submitting entries to a competition organised by the ministry of labour


Successful NGOs are to receive a grant towards implementation of their 2014 programmes for helping people with disabilities into work.

However, many were concerned that the time window (from 27 January to 2 February) for submission of the documents required to enter the competition was too narrow. In the case  of St Petersburg the 27th is actually a holiday, since it is the anniversary of the lifting of the blockade. Organisations were puzzled as to the reason for the short deadline.

The ministry claimed that this was the first time they had received complaints and that many NGOs being familiar with the procedure could have prepared the necessary documentation in advance. They would look at relaxing the time limits for this year and would be willing to discuss changes for next year.

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