NGOs invited to compete for government subsidies

Russian Ministry for Economic Development 
invites NGOs to compete for government subsidies

The competition
aims to help NGOs working in close partnership with other socially-oriented
organisations in areas of information, consultations, advice, dissemination of
best practice in project implementation, attracting volunteers, and those with
experience and qualified personnel. Activities not involving supporting NGOs in
those areas may not be financed under the subsidies.


The competition
has two stages: the first is an application process where applicants provide a
budget, a copy of the NGO’s Articles of Association, and a document verifying
the status of the individual who signed the application. The results are to be
announced by the end of July. Those completing Stage 1 successfully will have
to submit details of the project for which the subsidy is being sought.


The Ministry have
prepared guidelines for participation in the competition. Together with the
project, contestants are invited to provide supporting information based on the
competition criteria, such as letters of endorsement, reports, printed
materials, copies of the managers’ qualification certificates and any project
co-financing information. 



During Stage 2, the applications will be evaluated by
the Co-ordination Committee on Government Support to NGOs, and the winners and
amounts of subsidy will be announced in September.



The recommended timeframe for project implementation
is to start no later than 1 October 2013, and to complete no later than 30
September 2015. The total amount of subsidies is 280 million roubles. The
recommended amounts to apply for are as follows:


10 million roubles for organisations supporting NGOs
(including associations, non-commercial partnerships where socially-oriented
NGOs are members) operating across multiple administrative areas.


up to 3 million roubles for organisations working
predominantly in one administrative area as a ‘resource centre’.


up to 3 million roubles for organisations effectively
and successfully implementing projects from the criteria highlighted above,
predominantly in one administrative area, to share experience with other
socially-oriented non-commercial organisations, including those from other
administrative areas.


Priority criteria of the competition are: improving
family circumstances, support for mothers and children, improving the quality
of life of the elderly, social adaptation for the disabled and their families,
the development of education, science and arts, publicly accessible sports, involving children and young adults
in local history and conservation, the development of international


Criteria: the number of administrative areas where applicants have a track record, the intended
project outcomes and a suitable budget
proposal, experience in supporting NGOs in an informational, consultational or
advisory capacity, qualified personnel in place, any co-financing from local
government bodies, local municipalities and other sources. 


NGOs are invited to apply. Applications are accepted
at the Ministry (1-3, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya St) from 30 April to 31
May, from 9am to 6pm, Mon-Thu, and Fri 9am to 4:45pm. Alternatively, post to:
Department for Innovations Development, The Ministry for Economic Development, 125993,
ГСП-3, Moscow, А-47, 1-3, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya St.





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