NGOs support medics during the pandemic

Doctors need help: NGOs support medics during the pandemic


NGOs are setting up fundraising campaigns for hospitals treating patients with coronavirus.

The Predanie Foundation and GKB (Municipal Clinical Hospital) No 52

At the end of March, GKB No52’s Promotion Fund made a request to the Predanie Foundation for assistance in purchasing medical supplies and other essential items needed by doctors. Patients diagnosed with ‘community-acquired pneumonia’ and therefore at risk of carrying the coronavirus, are brought to this hospital.

The Predanie Foundation responded by establishing a cash donation fund to protect doctors. All the funds raised will be used to buy supplies, medicines, medical equipment and other tools for assisting medics in their fight against the epidemic. 

“Medics in hospitals are leading the fight against the virus so that our cities are not overwhelmed by the wave of disease. They are working incredibly hard, with no days off and almost no break. They are exhausted and their situation is a very difficult one. We can help them”, urges the Foundation.  

Donations can be made on the Predanie website.

The Phoenix Programme in Kommunarka

The Phoenix Programme primarily provides assistance for those affected by fires or other natural disasters. However, as they point out the entire world is currently in the midst of a global emergency. To help those who are confronting this challenge on a daily basis, Phoenix has launched a fundraising campaign for doctors in Kommunarka.

The non-profit sector has already been supporting doctors in Kommunarka. For example, the former director the Children’s Heart Foundation Ekaterina Bermant has raised money through the Basket of Support group. The money is used to help medical staff purchase food. The Phoenix Programme will aim to work in two main areas: ensuring that doctors are fed and continuing to provide them with the necessary personal protective equipment. 

The programme notes that ‘It is not possible to prepare for this kind of disaster. But we do already have real experience and we know how to work during emergencies. In this new reality in which we have all suddenly found ourselves, we are beginning to help people, doctors and society cope”. 

You can help Kommunarka’s doctors on the Phoenix Programme’s website.

Zhivoy Foundation and Regional Hospitals

The Zhivoy Foundation has been fundraising in support of doctors and medics. The organisation will use the money raised to purchase personal protective equipment, which will be sent to regional hospitals. The Foundation stated that they have received requests from cities all over the country, as many medical institutions ‘were completely unprepared for an epidemic of this scale”.

“Right now, just one single regional hospital needs to buy protective suits, gloves and masks costing more than 100,000 roubles. We alone are unable to provide this, but together, with your help, we can.”  The Zhivoy Foundation asks for help.

Fundraising has started in conjunction with the online campaign #врачейнадоберечь. Over the past week, Lyudmila Golubkova, a volunteer with the Foundation, has manage to raise 130,000 roubles to help doctors and four regional hospitals.

Donations to regional hospitals can be made on the Zhivoy Foundation’s website.


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