Not-for-profit telemedicine oncology clinic opens in Russia

Not-for-profit telemedicine oncology clinic opens

Graduates of the Higher School of Oncology are running video appointments. The profits go to the “Not in vain” foundation, which helps cancer patients. Options to pay for appointments are soon to be available to low‑income households.


At online appointments, an oncologist will explain potential treatments, side effects and complications, interpret test and investigation results, share second opinions on the diagnosis, and check latest international protocols and recommendations.

The telemedicine clinic website allows you to find out more about consultations, choose a doctor and book an appointment. The minimum consultation fee is 3,000 roubles, but people can choose to pay more if they wish. After all consultation costs have been deducted, profits go to the foundation Not in vain.

“We have made sponsoring an appointment an integral part of the system. Soon, any company or individual will be able to fund an oncology appointment for those on low incomes,” says Ilya Fomintsev, founding director of the foundation.


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