Ombudsman and Prison Service to cooperate to uphold prisoners’ rights in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyzstan Human Rights Ombudsman and the Republic’s Prison Service to strengthen cooperation in the protection of human rights and freedoms




Kyrgyzstan’s Human Rights Ombudsman, Dzhamilya Dzhamanbaeva, has visited the main office of the Ministry of Justice’s Prison Service, reports the Ombudsman’s press office.


The Ombudsman met the Head of the Prison Service, Askat Egemberdiev, and discussed improving the observance of human rights and freedoms in Prison Service institutions.


Dzhamanbaeva has seen some positive signs in how the Service has been performing in recent years but drew attention to a number of problems in relation to protecting the human rights and freedoms of the Republic’s citizens.


The Ombudsman expressed concerns about reported instances of violations of prisoners’ rights and stressed the importance of regular monitoring of detention centres, as well as respect for rights in penal institutions. Dzhamanbaeva therefore acknowledged the need for greater cooperation with the Prison Service in resolving these issues.


Egemberdiev stressed that the work of the Prison Service is as transparent as it can be. “Ensuring the safety and rule of law in prison institutions, respecting the rights and legitimate interests of prisoners and detainees are priority tasks for the Service and all possible measures are being taken to address these issues”, he said.


The Ombudsman and Head of the Prison Service have now agreed to conduct regular monitoring of prison institutions.



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