Ombudsman on Disabled Rights


Russia’s Human Rights Ombudsman, Vladimir Lukin, appeals to Mr Putin to expedite Process of Signing and Ratification of International Convention on Rights of the Disabled 

The Convention proposes the creation of an international committee on the rights of the disabled to include twelve independent experts. It will look at the position of the disabled in different countries. Mr Lukin says the disabled remain the most vulnerable group in the population. “In a number of states, unemployment amongst this category is up to 80%”, he observes. “In developing countries 90% of disabled children do not attend school”. He also thinks that current international standards for upholding invalids rights do not have legal force. Speaking of the situation in Russia the ombudsman commented that the rights of the disabled are secured in federal legislation but are not specifically provided for in the Constitution. Currently only 15% of the disabled of working age are engaged in professional work. He is convinced that ratification would amount to a real advance in improving the position of the disabled since the government will then be obliged to include the legal obligations contained in the convention in national legislation.

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