Over 9500 orphans adopted in 6 months

More than 9,500 orphans adopted by Russian families in 6 months


17.12.2014, Russian Federation

Olga Golodets, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, made this announcement during the national conference on the development of the social sector. According to Golodets, areas such as St Petersburg, Perm district, the Komi Republic and Moscow, Samara and Ivanovo regions, have achieved considerable success in addressing issues of social orphanhood.

During the past few years, various detailed projects have been developed across the country to secure the best possible placements for orphans within families. Consequently, specialist centres have been established in many regions for those wanting to become foster parents. Special classes have been organised for future parents to discuss the best ways of interacting with foster home children. In recent months, dozens of regional meetings have been held at which representatives from municipal authorities and NGOs have discussed the most effective measures for eradicating social orphanhood.

“All in all, we have now achieved a reasonable adoption rate, having exceeded the 90,000 mark. Next year, we need to reduce the numbers of children in orphanages to 70,000”, Golodets told conference delegates. In her view, the problem of social orphanhood is not just limited to questions of adoption. It’s important that all regions are able to provide those leaving hostels with housing, but the problem will be finding the necessary budget funding to make this happen.

It’s important to note that in July, according to figures provided by Golodets, 99,949 people had been registered in the national data bank.

Author: Ekaterina Nenasheva


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