Parents of children with disabilities invited to join support group in Russia  

Parents of children with disabilities invited to join a support group




Free sessions with a psychologist are being organised by the Partnership for Every Child CSO.


Parents from St Petersburg and Leningrad oblast who are raising children with disabilities up to the age of seven are being invited to the sessions.


“The support group offers an environment in which people can share their most difficult “wrong” emotions, discuss things that they are afraid or ashamed to talk about with friends and family and not be worried about being misunderstood, judged or rejected”, said Olga Anisimova, a psychologist at the Partnership for Every Child CSO and support group coordinator.


Parents set the agenda for the group’s discussions which include topics such as resentment, irritation and anger directed at one’s own child, conflict in relationships with loved ones and rejection of the child by the other parent.


“It’s always a pleasure to come to these meetings as they provide a welcome respite from everyday life, as well as enabling me to learn lots of new things and, most importantly, being in the company of people who are not judgemental but instead try to help by offering advice”, said a support group participant Zoya. “Here, I have learned a few mental relaxation skills: keeping a diary to record my innermost feelings, developing breathing techniques and making a list of potential rehab measures for my child from which I can select those with the best chance of success”.


“It was only here that I finally heard the words that are so simple yet so important “You are a good mum!”, added a member of the group.


The group meets every Thursday from 11.00 to 14.00 at 33 Primorsky Prospekt, St Petersburg. For further information and to enrol on the group please call +7 (953) 366 38 80.




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