Poll shows 36% of Russians agree women face frequent discrimination

Poll shows 36% of Russians agree that women face frequent discrimination


According to a survey done by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) a third of those polled (32%) say that women frequently encounter physical violence of a non-sexual kind.

In addition, 49% say that – for women – the risk of being exposed to violence or attempted violence rises in quiet, less populated areas. Equally, 38% of respondents (half of them women) acknowledge that violence against women may occur in their own families, the VTsIOM site reports.

The research showed that facts about physical violence are discussed more often by women (38%) than men (25%).

Half of respondents declared that women in Russia often have to tolerate obscene comments, remarks and crude jokes, while 47% said that women are often exposed to offensive or abusive behaviour.

Unwanted sexual advances and sexual violence towards women are less common in Russia than the issues listed above (24% and 25% respectively). Equally, the majority of Russians (73%) noted the importance of discussing violence against women, in order to resolve the issue together.

The nationwide poll ‘VTsIOM- Sputnik’ was conducted on 4 December 2018 and 1,600 respondents took part.

Source:  https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2018/12/11/zhenshhiny-nasilie/

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