Presidential Grants Competition, 1 February-15 March

The first Presidential Grants competition of 2019 to start on 1 February




Starting this year, new Presidential Grant competition rules are being introduced which will enable application deadlines to be set without the need for Presidential Orders. Consequently, the first contest of the year will be inviting NGO applications from 1 February until 15 March. Previously, a competition could only begin with the approval of an Order issued by Vladimir Putin.


Earlier, the Russian President signed a Decree on “Federation Presidential Grants for the Development of Civil Society” which states that it will now be the responsibility of the Coordination Committee to set the dates for Presidential Grants competitions.


“This will allow the Committee to ensure, starting from 2020, that sufficient time is set aside for holding competitions that will support potential, basic medium- and long-term projects (up to 18 months and three years respectively). Furthermore, NGOs will have a fair amount of time to plan their work, to prepare and submit applications and implement their initiatives”, said Sergey Novikov, Head of the President’s Office for Public Projects, speaking at a meeting of the Grants Coordination Committee.


As usual, the Presidential Grants Foundation will be holding two competitions during the year: the first from 1 February-15 March and the second from 10 June-31 July.


“While the first competition is taking place, the Foundation will be undertaking an assessment of the social impact of projects that received support in 2017 which will go on until the end of spring. Most of these initiatives came to an end last November. It is important for us to show the public that projects have been awarded to certain individuals and regions, as well as drawing the right conclusions from cases where project teams have been unable to fully implement their plans and to understand the reasons that prevented them from doing so. We will be preparing some general guidance and offering advice in order to avoid the most common mistakes made by applicants in their applications”, said Ilya Chukalin, the Foundation’s CEO.


The federal budget has allocated eight billion roubles for this year’s competitions, with a similar amount set aside for 2020 and 2021.


The Foundation organised four contests during 2017 and 2018, awarding grants that enhanced the development of civil society. 16,814 NGOs took part, submitting 35,184 major social project applications. In all, 6,786 projects received financial support totalling 14.5 billion roubles.



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