Presidential Human Rights Council to oversee implementation of the National Women’s Strategy for 2017-2022



The Presidential Human Rights and Development of Civil Society Council is to oversee implementation of the National Women’s Strategy, reports the Russian information agency “Novosti”. “Unfortunately, there are many important initiatives and strategies which aren’t being put into practice. We have therefore decided to take responsibility for implementing the Strategy which will be led for us by Professor Svetlana Ayvazova”, said the Council’s Chair, Mikhail Fedotov.

The National Women’s Strategy was approved by the Russian Government in March and will be implemented in two stages: the first from 2017-2018 and the second from 2019 to 2022. Mechanisms for implementing the Strategy will be developed during the first phase, together with analytical, legal and personnel support for Government policy on advancing women’s interests. The second stage will involve improving the lot of women in political, economic, social and cultural sectors of society.

The Strategy’s authors have stated that a series of measures need to be put in place by 2022 which will enshrine the principle of equal rights and freedoms for both sexes; create equal opportunities for women in all walks of life; increase their economic independence, political involvement and self-development potential and, in so doing, dispel stereotypical attitudes regarding the roles of men and women in society.



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