Programme to Combat Smoking in Russia: grant programme

Programme to Combat Smoking in Russia within the Global Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce the Use of Tobacco Products 

The global initiative to reduce the use of tobacco products is being financed by Michael R. Bloomberg and directed by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases and the Anti-Smoking Campaign aimed at Children. The initiative was announced in 2006.  An important element of the initiative is the programme of grants made on a competitive basis to support projects with the most effective strategies to combat smoking.  The programme of grants is directed by the above organisations and covers projects aimed at achieved a considerable reduction in the use of tobacco products in Russia.  


Priority will be given to projects at the national and regional level that would introduce taxation, excise and price measures on smoking and aim to ban smoking in workplaces and public places as well as monitor observance, ban tobacco advertising as well as other legislative initiatives and projects.  The programme also supports alliances aimed at improving anti-tobacco policy and changing the situation over tobacco use in Russia.  State bodies, non-commercial organisations and activist groups are invited to participate.  The programme of grants does not cover the financing of educational (school) programmes or individuals.  Preliminary applications to obtain grants will be accepted up to 13th August.

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ASI32 (695), 8-14 August


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