Public campaign for inclusive education deemed one of world’s top campaigns

The public campaign “Children should learn together”
organised by the regional disability NGO Perspektiva is one of the 60 best
public campaigns which were finalists in the international project Creative For
Good. The campaign, which focussed on the importance of integrated schooling
for children with and without disabilities, was presented at the short film
festival “Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity”.


The international panel viewed 100 pieces from all
over the world and put “Children should learn together” into the group for
learning about socially oriented campaigns. A description of the item appears
on the Creative for Good website:


Creative for Good is an internet project of the World
Economic Forum, to collect a database of international examples of effective
campaigning on social issues. The intention is also to create a base of know
how in various sectors, which can be obtained by NGOs anywhere in the world.  The “Children should learn together” campaign
by Perspektiva started in 2007, a time when the term “inclusive education” was
hardly understood in Russia. Its aim was to draw the public’s attention to the
fact that in Russia large numbers of children do not take part in public life,
because they are educated in special closed schools or at home where they lack
a full process of socialisation. The alternative to this is inclusive
education, where children with disabilities go to school with children without


The campaign included public events, the production of
film clips for television and cinema, posters and hoardings, items in the
media, lessons about disability for children in general schools, as well as
guidance literature for specialists. Nowadays the term “inclusive education” is
used in legislation and government documents, a new law on education and a National
Strategy for Action in the Interests of Children for 2012-2017 have been
adopted, and a targeted programme exists on access for people with
disabilities, which includes a mention of “inclusive education”.

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