Public chambers to evaluate civil servants

The Ministry of Labour and Public Welfare of the Russian
Federation has prepared amendments to the law on the civil service. The Ministry
proposes to include public chamber representatives from state bodies in the
competition and assessment committees that evaluate candidates for positions in
these bodies. In doing so at least one quarter of all members from the
competition or assessment commission of these state bodies should be
independent experts (including public chamber representatives).


The Ministry of Labour believe this will improve the
transparency and objectivity of competitive procedures, ensuring highly trained
professionals will be drawn to the service.


Amendments to Federal Law № 79 ‘On The State Civil Service of the Russian Federation’ have been
submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation and will be considered by
the Commission on Legislative Activities.


According to data from Rosstat, in the first quarter of 2012
there were 38,7000 employed in central offices of federal state bodies, 533,600
civil servants in local bodies and 209,500 employed in state bodies of the
Russian Federation.


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