Putin approves law on foreign NGOs’ subsidiaries

Law on registration of foreign NGOs’ affiliates is approved


President Vladimir Putin has signed into law amendments concerning the registration of affiliates of foreign not-for-profit organisations and religious associations.

The document was published on the official online portal for legal information. According to the amended legislation, in order to register their branches in Russia, foreign not-for-profit organisations and religious associations will need to provide information about the address of their location within seven days. Previously, this deadline was set at ten days.

The law indicates that registration will be denied if there is any conflict between an organisation’s documents and the Russian constitution or other current Russian legislation. An explanatory note to the bill states that it was developed with a view to improving the legal regulation of the activities of foreign not-for-profits’ branches or affiliated entities.

In 2018, a complaint was submitted to the European Court of Human Rights on the law on “undesirable organisations”. The law on “undesirable organisations”, enacted in May 2015, has been criticised both by the Russian and international communities. “Undesirables” are defined as foreign and international organisations, the activities of which threaten “the defensive capabilities and security of the government” or “the foundations of constitutional order”.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2018/07/30/prinyat-zakon-o-registratsii-filialov-inostrannyh-nko/

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