Putin confirms priority areas for SONGOs

Vladimir Putin confirms priority work areas for SONGOs


Moscow, 08.08.2016


The Russian President has signed a decree on the “Approval of priority work areas in the provision of socially useful services”.


The document was published on 8 August on the Government’s official legal information website and comes into effect from the day of its signature. These priority work areas include 20 separate points on the provision of social, socio-medical, socio-psychological, socio-educational and socio-labour services.


Among the list of priorities is work to provide social care for children, the disabled, senior citizens and people suffering hardship, including victims of natural disasters, ecological, anthropogenic and other catastrophes, social, ethnic and religious conflicts, refugees and internally displaced people, as well as providing social support to them.


The list also includes work to prevent child neglect, juvenile delinquency and the abandonment of children. The decree also envisages activities relating to social adaptation and placing children deprived of parental care with families.


Among the priority areas are services that provide extra education for senior citizens, the disabled, as well as for staff and volunteers in SONGOs aimed at improving the quality of services provided by these organisations.


Also among the priority areas is the provision of services for medical and social rehab of people with alcohol, drug and other toxic addictions, as well as medical and social support for people suffering with serious illnesses and those in need of palliative care, including the organisation and implementation of such care. The decree also stipulates that the Government has to establish a list of socially useful services and develop criteria to assess the quality of their provision within three months.


Author: Yulia Vyatkina





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