Putin: Russia needs thousands of NGO social service providers

Vladimir Putin: Russia needs thousands of NGO social service providers




The Russian President was speaking during the last day of the Community Forum’s final meeting of the year. The Head of State promised to “continue creating a positive environment for the development of the NGO sector” and called on Governors to put their faith in community organisations and the “light touch” of public control.


“Several hundred NGOs are now included on regional social service providers registers. But, of course, this is only the beginning. We need thousands of such organisations across the country that are prepared to take on this responsibility and act as a reliable State partner in the social sector. Everyone here who works in this field has proved they are ready for this. I would like to impress on my regional colleagues, Governors, regional and local authorities that they need to draw on local communities and public chambers to create the best possible conditions for this work, not only in social but other fields of activity. We need to understand and trust people so that much can be done in either a small village or a big city whose residents have a common goal, who throw themselves willingly into their work as well as offering solutions to problems”, the Public Chamber Press Office reported.


The President mentioned that he had read the winning projects in the My project for my Country! competition. He expressed the hope that projects submitted for the Presidential Grants’ contest will have “the maximum outcomes for people’s social well-being”.


Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2017/11/03/putin-forum-soobshhestvo/

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