Results of “Active Generation” competition in North Russia


Results of the second stage of the social projects competition ‘Active Generation’ 2014


21 projects from NGOs in Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, and the Vologda and Pskov regions were successful. They will receive from 28,000 to 100,000 roubles for initiatives designed to improve the lives of the elderly.

The prize pool amounted to over 1.7 million roubles. The finance was provided by the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Fund, the ‘Lyudi Severa’ (People of the North) Charitable Fund and TS Fudmarket (‘Foodmarket’ – a retail shopping chain). The competition was organised by the Archangel Centre for Social Technologies, Garant.

The competition was held to present and support new projects based on innovative approaches to social and technological ways of enabling the elderly to enjoy a good quality of life, and encourage them to be active and fulfil themselves both creatively and socially. Altogether 69 applications were received from the areas mentioned above. An independent council of regional specialists selected 21 of them. The greatest number of successful applications (11) came from Arkhangelsk; the least (1) from Pskov.

The local Arkhangelsk branch of the National Society for People with Defective Sight will be organising cinema viewings with oral narration, excursions, and literary and musical        evenings. More than 70 elderly people will be involved in the project.

The Ust-Dubinsky General Centre for Social Services in the Vologda Region, won the active life project and will be working with elderly people in hospitals and social services departments, and homes where a lonely elderly person lives. Excursions, competitions, master classes, and combined creative, educational and leisure events are planned.

A Murmansk regional organisation, Women’s Congress of the Kolsk Peninsula, will be arranging to train inspectors to carry out quality community monitoring whilst the Murmansk regional organisation that provides legal and social aid to migrants from the Commonwealth of Independent States, Asia, is to create a system of mutual communal aid  that elderly people will participate in.

The only successful project from the Pskov region, Generations Club, developed by the Pskov regional body for helping parents and children, Family, was targeted at socialising lonely elderly people. 50 such people and 30 students from Pskov State University will be making souvenirs from polymer clay and plaster, sewing soft toys and burning wood.

The list of winners of the competition may be viewed on the website of the Archangel Centre for Social Technologies, Garant.

In June 54 projects won the Active Generation annual grants competition. They were from the St Petersburg and Leningrad Region, the Kaliningrad Region, the Komi Republic, and the Novgorod Region. The grant pot exceeded 6 million roubles.

Author: Yuli Vyatkina



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