Russia: confiscated goods may be given to charitable foundations

Confiscated goods may be given to charitable foundations

A draft law has been introduced in the Duma.


Customs officers currently have the right to give confiscated goods to state institutions.  A new draft law proposes that such goods can also be given to charitable foundations.

If the law is passed foundations will have recourse to federally-owned hygiene and sanitary products, medicines, perishable goods, infant food, nutritional supplements, clothing, footwear and other essential items.

“Where we have a situation where a lot of people, including refugees, need essential items it does not make sense to destroy quality goods which have only been confiscated due to irregularities in the import documentation.  It is right to send these to charitable organisations so that they can redistribute them to those in need” stressed the co-author of the draft law, Oleg Leonov, coordinator of search and rescue organisation Liza Alert


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