Russia: CSO staff face pressure from superiors

Poll: CSO employees periodically experience pressure from their superiors.

2 November, 2020

HeadHunter conducted a survey of employees of Russian companies. Most of them have faced harsh treatment at work.

According to Headhunter, “emotional pressure from managers is most often found in HR (70%) and medicine (68%), less often in the public sector and CSOs (NGOs) (45%). The percentage is lowest in the field of accounting and finance (24%), marketing and advertising (23%). 45% of CSO employees faced pressure from their superiors.

The main manifestation of harsh attitudes towards employees is devaluation of work, neglect and arrogance (73% chose this option), 63% experienced use of raised voice in conversation, 53% with arrogance and rudeness. At the same time, more than half of employers state that they categorically do not tolerate such behaviour in their companies.

When conflict occurred, more than half the respondents (57%) tried to resolve it and come to an agreement between themselves. 43% left, and one in four simply took no action.

This survey was conducted by the HeadHunter Research Centre on October 22-27 involving 6,500 Russians.


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