Russia: Draft law on compensation to volunteers for danger to life or health

Draft law on compensation to volunteers for danger to life or health


This document establishes the criteria for compensation payments to volunteers.




The document proposes that humanitarian assistance volunteers who work in Russia and abroad should receive compensation if they take part in the following activities:

  • Addressing emergencies
  • Extinguishing fires
  • Carrying out emergency rescue operations
  • Assisting victims of natural, environmental, industrial, and other disasters
  • Supporting victims of repression, social, national, or religious conflict
  • Aiding refugees or internally displaced persons
  • Helping people suffering from diseases that pose a risk to others
  • Coordinating missing person searches


Compensation will be paid from the federal budget. The procedure and conditions for receiving compensation will be established by the government. To avoid illegal receipt of compensation, volunteer organisations want to verify all information in a single data system.


The bill was supported by 4,562 people on the Approved website. Chairman of the Association of Volunteer Centres and State Duma Deputy, Artem Metelev, made a film in support of the bill on the importance of state insurance for medical volunteers, search parties, and rescuers.





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