Russia extends moratorium on disclosure of CSO foreign financing

Moratorium on disclosure of CSO foreign financing officially extended

6 April 2021

The Ministry of Justice has ordered CSOs to submit reports on foreign financing before 15 July.

On 6 April, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation signed an Order on the moratorium of CSO reporting of foreign financing (seen by the Agency for Social Information).

The changes relate to the Ministry of Justice Order No. 122 from 26 May 2020 ‘On establishing deadlines for submission of CSO reports’.

“Documents for the year 2020, referred to in Sub-sections 1.1 & 1.2 of Section 1 of the current Order, are to be presented no later than 15 July 2021”, states the Order.

This concerns disclosure of foreign financing in compliance with Order No. 170 ‘On formalising CSO reporting procedures’, according to which CSOs are obligated to declare where money received by their benefactors and legal entities in the Russian Federation has come from.

The moratorium had been in place for two years, however in 2020 the Ministry of Justice decided to bring it to an end. More than 20 of Russia’s largest CSOs, through the Vse vmestye (All Together) association, petitioned against this.

On 17 March, the Ministry of Justice agreed to extend the moratorium.


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