Russia: ‘Foreign agents’ to be barred from Public Chamber

Foreign agents to be barred from being members of the Federation’s Public Chamber




The ban will be included in a Bill to be drafted on the development of institutions of public control.


On 5 December, Olga Zanko, Deputy Chair of the State Duma Committee for the Development of Civil Society and Religious Organisations, announced that a Bill is to be submitted to the Duma next year that will ban the nomination of foreign agents as members of the Federation’s Public Chamber and its regional offices.


The Bill will also enshrine in law the Chamber’s power to approve and adopt a Code of Ethics for members of public councils.


Membership of the Public Chamber will also be extended, with the Bill’s authors proposing to increase the number of citizens and CSO representatives for final approval by the Russian President.


Other changes will include helping to maintain, strengthen and promote traditional Russian spiritual and moral values.



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