Russia: Launch of a CSO mutual support programme

Launch of a CSO mutual support programme




The aim of this initiative is to develop a professional support and mentoring system.


The website has launched a “CSO mutual support” programme to develop a mentoring scheme in the non-profit sector. The site explains that around 11,000 CSOs open and 45,000 close each year, mainly due to a lack of funding, experience and expertise.


The initiative will help in identifying mentors and allow CSOs to share experiences and “peer-to-peer” principles with one another, as well as developing working practices that can be used to resolve social problems. The programme will also help in providing a quick response to those asking for support and in implementing solutions to social issues.


Mentors can be:


  • CSOs with expertise and a track record in their own field, or in areas of strategic and organisational development;
  • CSOs that can secure resources, promote sustainability and are involved in social design;
  • CSO resource centres;
  • CSOs that organise training courses for the third sector;
  • Systemic federal CSOs


Project stages


  • 10 October to 15 November: Applications invited from CSOs willing to become mentors;
  • 16 November to 1 December: Selecting mentors from the applications received;
  • 4 December: Publicising a list of those CSOs ready to help others.


You can take part in the programme in a variety of ways: webinars, private consultations, long-term support for an organisation or project (mentoring), sharing practices/guidance and participating in internships. Or you can offer your own mentoring approach.


Those interested in becoming a mentor should complete an application on the website ( and select their preferred form of mentoring.


Source: Стартовала программа «НКО помогает НКО» – Агентство социальной информации (


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