Russia: main trends in CSR in 2020

Responsible consumption, human capital and sponsorship: a study on the main Corporate Social Responsibility trends of 2020 is released.


Researchers interviewed domestic companies on how they shaped and created their social programmes.

The study was published by the Centre for the Study of Regional Problems.

According to a survey carried out by Edelman, 81% of respondents were inclined to trust a brand if it acted in the public interest. Therefore, many companies strive to build responsible businesses.

Large companies are guided and act upon global standards. Therefore, environmental safety and preservation become strategic priorities.

For example, in 2019 SIBUR was able to save around 39,000 megawatt/hour of electricity and the retailer X5 Retail Group, alongside their partners, began recycling packaging and products. The fashion industry is experiencing a boom in sustainable consumption and designers are producing clothes from recycled materials.

At the peak of the coronavirus crisis, federal companies were able to maintain their long-term programmes and allocated additional budgets.

Note the following examples: Baltika Brewing Company launched the social campaign Despite the Distance, We Stay Together, to help the elderly, medics, and volunteer centres. KFC Russia paid 1000 dollars to employees of the chain’s restaurants who had been affected by the coronavirus infection. During the pandemic, representatives of small businesses in almost all regions of the Russian Federation organised their own social programmes, often without advertising or making their actions publicly known. They helped pensioners with the purchase and delivery of food and medicine. Some manufacturers released their products free of charge.

Cooperation with CSOs is widespread among small businesses. Often, the initiative comes from the owner. They help charities and children’s homes financially, offer services as volunteers, or launch collaborations with benefactors.

The full study can be read here.


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