Russia may freeze its membership of the ECHR

Russia may freeze its membership to the European Court of Human Rights


In the State Duma, there is discontent at the fact that Moscow does not have the possibility to influence the work of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which can make legal decisions with regards to Russia.

As Izvestia reports, citing high-ranked sources in the State Duma, Russia is prepared to freeze its participation and to reduce its contributions to the ECHR due to the limitations. The plan is to reduce contributions by 7-10 million dollars.

According to the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for International Affairs of the Federation Council, Vladimir Dzhabarov, the relationship between the ECHR and Russia is discriminatory and violates the rights of a sovereign state: Moscow cannot freely declare its position and many decisions made by the European Court of Human Rights are ‘politicised and unjust’, the article said.

«Until the middle of the 1990s, we did not take part in the work of the institutions of the Council of Europe and we lived completely normally,» the senator noted.

Cooperation with the ECHR may be continued if the Council of Europe Council lifts all of its demands, especially the bans in relation to Russia, Izvestia’s sources said. It is expected that a final decision will be made on 27 October, when the first reading of Russia’s 2018 budget will be held in the Lower Parliament.


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