Russia: MOJ plan for CSO inspections in 2024

The Ministry of Justice has published a plan of CSO inspections for 2024




The Federation’s Ministry of Justice has prepared a plan of CSO audits and individual entrepreneurs for 2024, with the first checks due start from 1 January.


The dates of the inspections and the names of the CSOs to be audited have been posted on the Ministry’s website ( You can check if an organisation is included in the plan by using its primary State registration number, tax ID number or its full name.


On 7 December, the third sector published special guidance that explains what happens during an audit, what documentation needs to be submitted to the regulatory authorities and how to avoid the most frequent transgressions made by CSOs in their work.


The “Legal Team” project has devised a special quiz on “How well prepared are you for a Ministry of Justice inspection?”. This can be accessed via the following по ссылке link.



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