Russia: MoJ plans to amend Family Code in 2024

Plans of the Ministry of Justice to amend the Russian Federation’s Family Code in 2024




During his presentation on the Year of the Family at the All-Russian Family Forum on 22 January, Konstantin Chuichenko, the Russian Justice Minister, announced his Ministry’s plans to revise the National Family Code in 2024.


“As part of our work, we will be discussing a wide range of family law issues and those relating to motherhood, fatherhood and child protection at the forthcoming XII St Petersburg International Legal Forum”, said Chuichenko.


Last November, Vladimir Putin signed a decree to confirm that 2024 will be the Year of the Family in Russia during which the Justice Ministry will be holding a scientific and practical conference on supporting maternity, paternity and childhood.


During celebrations of the Day of the Family Love and Fidelity on 8 July, the Ministry will be holding an All-Russian Legal Assistance event at which lawyers will offer legal advice to families, parents, orphans, children with disabilities and children in difficult life situations.


The Ministry also intends to develop a universal legal status for large families that will not depend on the place or region where they live. It also believes that the list of rights, obligations, benefits and privileges should be standard for every large family in Russia.



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