Russia: New job quota rules for people with disabilities

The Russian Government has changed job quota rules for people with disabilities




Article published on the ASI website


The new procedure for meeting these quotas will be effective from 1 September.


The decree that establishes this new policy has been published on the Government’s official regulations and legal acts website.


Under the new rules, quotas for the employment of people with disabilities will no longer be calculated annually, but by the 10th day of the month following each reporting quarter. An employer may be exempt from fulfilling the quota if:


  • A public association of people with disabilities or organisation formed by them is involved, including economic partnerships and companies whose registered capital includes a contribution from a public association of disabled people;


  • He or she has been declared bankrupt;


  • The number of employees has decreased – for which the quota must be met;


  • There are no out of work disabled people with job seeker status in the employment service.


The employer’s fulfilment of the set quota is deemed to be met if there is:


  • An employment contract agreed directly between a disabled person and the employer. If an employer takes on a person with a Group 1 (severe) disability, it is considered to be equal to two newly created jobs for those with a less severe disability;


  • An agreed employment contract between a disabled job seeker and another organisation;


  • An agreed employment contract between a person with disabilities and an individual entrepreneur who has negotiated the agreement;


  • A contract for reimbursable services, or an agreement with a body that ensures the quota is met by a group of organisations.


Last October, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection recommended changes to the Employment Law which propose that the quota is considered to be met only after a person has been hired for an actual job, not one that merely exists on a staff plan.






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