Russia relaxes rules on dispensing narcotic painkillers

Regulations for dispensing narcotic painkillers to be relaxed in Russia


The Minister of Health in Russia is preparing a legal project, according to which changes will be introduced to Article 228.2 in the Criminal Code of Russia. This will free doctors and pharmacists from legal responsibility for violating the rules of supplying painkillers containing narcotics and psychotropic substances.

Currently many doctors fear subscribing painkilling medicine containing narcotic and psychotropic substances. Although in Russia there are many people who need constant pain treatment, they do not have the possibility to receive it.

According to information on the Ministry of Health’s website, the draft federal law is aimed at supplementing Article 228.2, with a note that the decriminalisation of the actions of medical and pharmaceutical workers that violate rules regarding supplying narcotics or psychotropic substances, that do not possess a high risk of social harm.

The Ministry of Health is planning for the law to come into force in January 2019.

“I am gulping down air in anticipation of happiness. It was exactly the decriminalisation of doctors’ actions that we, the “Podari zhizn” Foundation, asked for at parliamentary hearings last Monday. And for a few years before that too. Several variants of the amendment to the law have been prepared. However, we still need to look at the draft law’s wording. The devil is in the details”, Ekaterina Chistiakova wrote on Facebook.

The draft law is currently in the public discussion phase, found on the website, and which will continue until 6 June.



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