Russia: Social Entrepreneur 2020 contest open for submissions

Social Entrepreneur 2020 contest open for submissions

Projects may now be submitted for the Social Entrepreneur 2020 competition. Businesses hoping to receive funding in summer 2020 should submit their applications by 28 February.

Applications are accepted throughout the year, and winners will be announced in the summer and the autumn. Submissions received after 28 February will be judged in the subsequent session.

The contest is open to entrepreneurs with projects focusing on bettering social conditions and solving pressing social issues. Terms and conditions may be found on the competition website, where submissions can also be made.

The Social Entrepreneur competition is key to the work of the Our Future Foundation. Selected projects receive financial support in the form of interest-free loans of between 2 and 40 million roubles, with the option of deferred payment. Over the course of 12 years, since the foundation came into being, 254 projects in 58 Russian regions have received support totalling 653.2 million roubles.

The activities of businesses which have received support in the past include: restoring vintage products, providing work for people with disabilities and the elderly, running kindergartens and medical centres, and recycling waste.


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