Russian charitable donations halved in March

Charitable organisations received half as many donations in March




One-time and recurring donations have fallen in all CSO sectors.


Analysts from the To Be Precise platform (created by the Help Needed Foundation) and the payment platform Cloud Payments carried out the study.


“In March, donations were declined mainly due to the fact that there were insufficient funds on the donor’s card. Many were withdrawing cash from their accounts… Those who went abroad had problems with payments. It will be possible to speak to donors’ actual sentiments about donating to foundations in these new conditions in two to three months,” explained Alena Udalenkova, manager of private donations to Help Needed.


Compared to February, the analysts noted that organisations that help socially vulnerable groups received 40% fewer one-time donations in March; recurring contributions fell by 54%. Over the same period, the average donation amount increased from 849 roubles in February to 990 roubles in March.


Compared to other sectors, the average donation for human rights organisations significantly increased — from 950 roubles to 1399 roubles in March. The change was primarily due to an increase in the size of one-time donations — 477 roubles higher than in February. The number of one-time payments remained virtually unchanged, falling by 9%. Meanwhile, the number of recurring payments decreased by 61%.


Organisations engaging in environmental issues demonstrated a strong downwards trend in the number of one-time and recurring donations, decreasing by 57% and 48% respectively. However, the average payment amount remained unchanged compared with the previous month: 729 roubles in February to 750 in March.


In organisations that help ailing individuals, there was a two-fold drop in one-time (-54%) and recurring (-53%) payments. The average donation size increased from 811 to 914 roubles over the same period.


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Translated by: Spencer Michaels

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