Russian CSOs given free access to cloud storage

Russian CSOs given free access to cloud storage

To get additional storage space for documents, photos, and videos, CSOs must submit an application.


“We enable proven charities to use VK’s tools on special terms and make digital opportunities available. Creating technology for charity development is one of the main directions of VK’s social strategy,” said Alexandra Babkina, director of the service Dobro and head of VK’s social projects.

Non-profit organisations can use additional space in the cloud for work-related purposes: to store photos and videos from events and share them, store important files, work from different devices, and download large files. Intelligent algorithms can analyse pictures to sort them into separate folders and recognise faces in the photo.

All the information in the cloud is safe: multiple copies of the data are stored in modern data centre servers, separate from one another, where specialists constantly monitor their condition. The only requirement to access the 128 GB of free storage is that Dobro must verify the foundation. CSOs can apply now.

“The Arithmetic of Good Foundation is actively using digital tools and plans to continue. It’s very convenient – you can open documents of any format from anywhere, you can share them with colleagues and partners, and work together on tasks. In addition, it is safe: equipment can break, but in the cloud, documents remain regardless of anything,” says Nailya Novozhilova, director of Arithmetic of Good.

“Dobro” is a service for intelligent and honest charities, created by VK in 2013. The service helps users participate in charitable projects throughout Russia and makes donating more straightforward and accessible. There are currently more than 200 foundations and 170 fundraising projects on the platform.

“ Cloud” is a reliable personal cloud storage service. The cloud works on all popular desktop and mobile platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The files you need are always available to you from anywhere in the world and from any device, without taking up space on a computer hard drive or smartphone.


Translated by Spencer Michaels


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