Russian employers to receive subsidies for hiring people with disabilities

Employers will receive subsidies for hiring people with disabilities

28 September 2021

The decision will support employers and help jobseekers to find work more quickly.

The adjustments were brought in to the employment subsidies programme and confirmed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Employers will be entitled to subsidies should they hire people with disabilities, parents with multiple children, and single parents with disabled children, regardless of the date when they registered at the job centre.

Additionally, employers can receive subsidies for hiring an unemployed individual whether they registered at the job centre before the end of 2021 or before 1 August 2021.

The employment subsidies programme began in March and will operate until the end of the year. Under the programme employers receive subsidies equivalent to three times the minimum wage figure, which is increased by the area coefficient, the amount of insurance contributions, and the number of people hired.

To receive government support employers must seek recruits for open vacancies from job centres.


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