Russian government to rate regions on support for NGOs

The Russian Government to give ratings for regions for support given to NGOs and social entrepreneurs



Regional governors are to include care provided by socially orientated NGOs (SONGOs) and responsible businesses as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI).


Federation bodies will be given annual ratings by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Agency of Strategic Initiatives. A list of KPIs has been approved by the Russian Government.


Among the assessment criteria are the rate of growth in the number of regional SONGOs, tax incentives for NGOs and donors, the share of targeted subsidies allocated from regional budgets, the ratio of municipal and urban districts that support NGOs and social Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and the proportion of NGO staff within the overall number of employees working in the social sector. There are also separate indicators to assess NGO access to the social services market. The growth of public and private pre-school institutions, medical organisations and social service providers are also taken into account.


Federation entities and social entrepreneurs will have to submit a report to the Ministry of Economic Development every spring. Ratings for SONGOs and social entrepreneurs will be finalised and submitted to the Russian Government by 1 October each year.




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