Russian Ministry of Labour plans NGO internships for officials

Ministry of Labour plans regular NGO internships for officials




The Ministry of Labour is developing internship programmes for officials in order for “civil servants to receive experience at social organisations or institutions.”


As stated by the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection, Alexei Cherkasov, officials will be able to undergo training at social, rehabilitation and charity centres. RIA Novosti reports that the corresponding recommendations have been sent to all government agencies.


If the experiment is successful, the Ministry of Labor of Russia intends to conduct such training of civil servants on a regular basis.


During an earlier State Council meeting headed by President Vladimir Putin, founder of the charitable foundation Vera, Nyuta Federmesser, stated that officials lack compassion and that anyone who has been to a hospice better understands the problems of ordinary people. She suggested that officials volunteer in hospices.


“You are very busy people and by virtue of your positions you are separated from human suffering. All those who have been to a hospice have had their minds, if you’ll excuse me for the informality, totally blown. I do not know if it is possible to compel government officials to become volunteers and take part in palliative care… your spiritual qualities would not deteriorate and your hard work would not grow stale. Come to us and volunteer, with no cameras around,” said Federmesser.




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