Russian NGOs report on domestic violence during COVID-19

Seven human rights organisations sent a report on domestic violence during COVID-19 to the Council of Europe


Human rights activists have been following the increase in domestic violence in Russia during the coronavirus pandemic.

On 17 July, seven human rights organisations listed here: Zona Prava, the Anna Centre for victims of domestic violence, the Consortium of Women’s non-governmental organisations, Legal Initiative, the You Are Not Alone network for mutual support between women, the Sisters and Kitezh centre, sent a report to the European Council on domestic violence in Russia.

Law Zone stated that the majority of countries on the Council of Europe had suggested possible measures to combat domestic violence during the lockdown period in the spring. Russia had remained on the side-lines and so human rights activists in the country had taken it upon themselves to investigate the situation independently. Here they describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on domestic violence and analysed the steps taken to prevent it.

“There is widespread feeling right now that the impact of COVID-19 on domestic violence worldwide is not fully understood. (…) The fear and uncertainty around the disease, as well as a lack of information, significantly hinders any possible action plan and increases the risk of a worst-case scenario for victims of domestic violence. Unfortunately, the state’s response to the problem of domestic violence during the COVID period does not seem to be in any way consistent, progressive or timely” – the report notes.

The report also reminded the Council of the measures needed to ensure victims of domestic violence have access to justice. These measures had already been presented to the Russian government in April.

The full report can be found here.


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