Russian PM Mishutin on assistance given to CSOs

Mikhail Mishustin speaks of assistance being provided to CSOs




Article published on the ASI website


In 2022, Russia’s Council of Ministers provided help to 10,000 CSOs.


On 3 April, Mikhail Mishustin, Russia’s Prime Minister, gave a presentation on the latest annual report on the work of the Council of Ministers. State Duma deputy, Evgeny Revenko, referred to the increase in the number of CSOs in Russia and asked what action the Government has already taken to help these organisations.


Mishustin thanked CSO staff and volunteers for all their hard work, adding that 85 billion roubles in financial support was provided to CSOs in 2022, and that these funds were being used by around 10,000 organisations.


Mishustin also stated that around 15 million people have been involved in voluntary work as part of the federal Social Assistance project. In addition, a standard register of CSOs is being created on the Ministry of Economic Development’s website for targeted support to non-profit organisations.


One element that is becoming increasingly important in providing support to CSOs is reducing the administrative burden. For example, around 33,000 organisations received tax exemptions during the COVID pandemic.




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