Russian state TV has begun showing NGOs’ social advertising

Federal channels have begun showing NGO social advertising


The first results of the work of the Public Chamber’s Coordinating Council for Social Advertising have shown that NGOs can make it onto federal television.

The Coordinating Council for Social Advertising and Social Communications at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation has been working on improving the quality and effectiveness of social advertising for more than a year, as well as helping NGOs to make it onto the country’s leading TV channels. Elena Topoleva, Chairperson of the Public Chamber Commission for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector and the Support of Socially Oriented NGOs, is leading the work of the Coordinating Council.

The Coordinating Council includes members of the Public Chamber, members of the public chambers of the constituent parts of the Federation, representatives from leading Russian TV and radio broadcasters, specialised departments of leading higher education institutions, public officials and the community and employees of non-profit organisations and other experts.

Thanks to the work of the expert community in the media, commissions are being established for the placing of social advertising. Such commissions are already active in Pervyi kanal, Public Television of Russia, STS Media, the media company Krasnaya Zvezda and Gazprom Media Holding.

One of the first non-profit organisations which was able to make it onto federal television was the ORBI Foundation. Its social advert on the symptoms of a stroke and the importance of prompt medical assistance is now being shown on the TV channels Zvezda and OTR.

As Ekaterina Milova, the development director of the ORBI stroke foundation, social advertising can help to save someone’s life.

“Our foundation is trying to actively attract the public’s attention to the problem of strokes. We are trying to tell as many people as possible across the whole country how to prevent the illness and how to recognise its worrying signs in time so that the consequences of the stroke are minimised”, she said, as reported on the website of the Public Chamber.



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